Budh Dosh Nivaran Puja

Conduct Budh (Mercury) puja by appeasing to Budh lord and enhance your name, fame, health and wealth!


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About this puja

  • Budh or Mercury is considered the Lord of Navgraha or Planets. Budh is also called Sashi Putra or an offspring of Chandra or the Moon. It is considered the wisest among all planets. Budh controls speech and intellect in a man. It is also known as Grahpati since Budh is also considered responsible for domestic harmony.
  • A favourable Budh in one’s Kundali inspires the devotee to understand himself as well as the environment thus enhancing his name, fame, health and wealth. Budh influences all the sectors of one’s life by influencing one’s wisdom and mind.
  • A weak Mercury in one’s Kundali during Budh Antardasha or Budh Mahadasha may have an extremely malefic effect on an individual’s life and triggers problems such as
  1. Nerve cells, air cells, tongue, breath and brain problems.
  2. Dental problems.
  3. Failure in business.
  4. Low IQ.
  5. Loss in Shares.
  6. Leprosy.

Why should you do this puja?

  • Budh directly affects trade and business also so a malefic Budh leads to sudden loss in business too.
  • If a devotee pleases Budh by conducting this puja he/she will reap the following benefits:
  1. Improvement in business and trade.
  2. Improvement in intellectual capabilities of students who are weak in studies.
  3. Patients suffering from blood pressure problems, diabetes, hypertension, stress, breath problems etc.
  4. Relieves one from stammering and mental problems.
  5. Helps channelize one’s powers fruitfully and brings a positive influence in life.
  6. Reduces tribulations and inspires the devotee to take correct career and monetary decisions.


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