Lagan Utahul Pooja


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Beneficial For Marriage
21 Days


As mentioned above, there are certain combinations in astrology that can cause obstacles in one’s marriage. The obstacle can be in the form of not finding a partner or not finding a suitable partner. In both the cases, this Pooja really helps. Any hurdles or issues arising in one’s marriage can be removed with this Pooja.

– Jaap of mantra:

“Om katyayani mahamaye mahayoginyadheeshwari 
nandgopsutam devi patim me kurute namah”

Lagan Utahul Pooja is an offering to Maa Katyani Devi for removing any obstacles in marriage. The Mantra is recited 41000 times in 21 days. On the first day, it is recited for 1000 times and then for the remaining 20 days, 2000 times daily. The Pooja is completed with Dushans (the mantra is repeated again 410 times), Havan, Brahman Bhoj (offering food to Brahman’s). The Pooja must be performed wearing red or yellow clothes while following celibacy or abstinence (Brahmacharya). One can eat only simple Satvic food during these 21 days. Primarily, if one’s ascendant is weak or in the case of the boy’s horoscope, the sun is weak or retrograde, and in the case of a girl’s horoscope, Jupiter is weak or retrograde, it creates hurdles in one’s marriage, then this Pooja is recommended.


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