Nav Din Kavach Path in Navratri

Beneficial For Peace and Happiness

Durga Kavach is one of the powerful scripts. It is very protective in nature. It helps in overcoming any hurdles, be it physical, emotional or mental and bringing peace and happiness in one’s life. These nine days of Navratri are very important for Devi Durga and performing the pooja during this time helps one a lot. It is not only beneficial for the person but helps and protects the entire family.


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Big Nav Durga Yagya is organized by us in Navratri and this pooja is performed for goddess Durga. Devi Kavach is a very important script from Durga Saptsati Book. This pooja is performed for peace and happiness. It protects the family from all hurdles. Since Navratri is a very auspicious time, performing the pooja during these days is considered to be powerful.


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