Rog Nashak Pooja

Beneficial For Serious Health Ailments
21 Days


Rog Nashak, just like Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap is a maha mantra, whose effects are tremendous and can be felt within few days of starting the pooja. It is a pooja of Maa Durga and is helpful to any person who is suffering from ill health or is expecting health ailments. It can also be performed if a person is not responding well to a cure also. After doing this pooja one can see gradual health improvement in the person. A major illness transforms to minor, person starts responding positively to medicines and cure. As the name suggest, it helps reduce any and all kind of serious ailments.




Duration : 21 days

“Rogaanasheshaanpahanshi tushta rushta tu kaamaan sakalaanbhistaan| tyaamaashritaanaan na vipannraanaan tyaamaashritaa hyaashryataan prayaanti||”

Rog Nashak is a Mantra of Durga Devi and can be found in 11th adhyaye of Durga Saptsati. Rog Nashak Pooja is done by chanting this mantra 125000 times along with Pooja of Maa Durga.

For kids below 15 years of age mantra will be chanted 54000 times. Duration : 11 Days


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