Sun/Surya Shanti Pooja

Beneficial For Reducing Negative Effect of Sun
12 Days


Surya Shanti Pooja simply aims at lessening the negative effects of the planet Sun, which is troubling you. The area of life that it will affect depends on one’s horoscope. It is a very effective Pooja to remove a Planet Dosh and increase their positive effects.




Duration: 12 Days

This Pooja is strongly recommended if the Sun in your birth chart is afflicted or debilitated and causing you any kind of delays, struggles or health issues. The Pooja is performed by chanting “Om Grihni Suryaye Namah” 7000 ​x 4 times, along with offerings given to Panchdevta, Sodas Matrika and Nau Grah Vedi, followed by Havan and Poornahauti.