Balarisht Dosh Pooja

Beneficial For Kids Health
21 Days


It helps in healing the deformation, if performed regularly for months and at young age, one slowly sees the improvement. It’s a miracle cure for many ailments in new born babies. The child whose horoscope is afflicted with Balarisht Dosh will suffer from frequent inexplicable ailments that will fail to respond to conventional medical treatments. Performing this Pooja along with the medical treatment provides relief to the child. This Pooja is very powerful and needs to be done only by knowledgeable pandits.


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– Duration : 21 Days

Balarisht Dosh eventuates with various astrological combinations. The main combinations are when Saturn and moon / Rahu and moon / Ketu and moon are together in the 8th or 6th house. It is always better to consult an astrologer to confirm the Dosh. When the 8th house is affected, it means danger to life and when the 6th house is affected, it means lots of serious health issues. However, if your child is born with some major ailments or deformation, it confirms the presence of this Dosh. It can also be performed if your child is going through some major health issues. The effect of the Dosh is till the age of 12 years; hence, the Pooja has to be performed every year till the child is 12 years of age.


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