Devi Abhishek

Beneficial For Removing Hurdles
1 Day


Durga means Shakti. This Pooja invokes this Shakti and gives us strength to remove any hurdle on our way to success. Pleasing Durga Maa bestows us with all her strength (Shakti), wisdom (Budhi) and prosperity (Laxmi). It is a Pooja for knowledge, for resolving problems and for overall well-being.


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– Duration : 1 day

Devi Abhishek is a ritual to please Durga Devi. Durgaji is offered all Her favorite things during the process,followed by Havan to purify. Devi Durga is thoroughly pampered and truly worshipped in this Pooja.

All the parts of Durga Saptsati have to be read while bathing the goddess with water, milk, Panchamrit andjuices of five fruits. Followed by decorating the goddess with clothes, Sindhoor, Flowers (Urhul is one of her favorite flower or Rose) and Aarti.


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