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About this service:

Have you ever wondered:

Why do some relationships work and other fails?

Why do you immediately like some people, but can’t figure out why you can’t get along with others?

Why do you get the feeling of “fitting” with someone, even when it appears by worldly standards that you do not?

These questions and many such other questions can be answered by learning about the interrelationships of energy patterns called vibrations, which makes up every individual’s body and personality. Numerology, the Science of numbers can be used to decode the trends of an individual’s life events and to predict the future aspects that can be determined through an individual’s numerological patterns. It helps an individual understand themselves and take necessary actions in future to play on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. These insights give an individual an edge over others and help them achieve success, happiness and fulfillment in their daily lives leading them to the path of personal and professional success.

The core key to get happiness lies in maintaining a “Balance” in our life.
If we have a ” BALANCE” one can easily achieve the maximum in his life that will make one – a balanced person. Now a question arises – What is BALANCE?

BALANCE has a numeric value of “2”, that governs the mother nature of moon.

“BALANCE” is a result of two super natural powers positive & negative energies, credit & debit , sun & moon, father & mother. Origin of numerology is from latin and greek language.

When the “BALANCE” get disturbed whether in Banks, Body and Nature we come across the challenging times such as:

  • Business & professional loss.
  • Career Graph plummeting.
  • Depressed Life events.
  • Disappointment with the current state of events.
  • Martial dissatisfaction.
  • Child’s education & Career.
  • Health problems.



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